The Ancestors and Cousins of Thomas Rand Morris and Katherine Elizabeth Morris
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Ancestors (by grandparent)
McDowell, Pusey, Broas, Willson: PA, DE, NY, RI
Morris, Stokes, Parker, Lawson: KY, NC, VA
Newman, Calvert, Ackerman, Kriz/Kriss: MD, VA
Terry, Jetton, Delony, Rand: AL, NC, VA
Our Cousins: Selected Family Outlines
James Ira Broas & Rebecca Wood: NJ & NY
Thomas Carpenter & Hannah Alsop: NY
Nathan Lawson & Mildred Devine: KY
Robert Loughead and Jane (Glenn?): PA
James McDowell & Elizabeth Loughead: PA
William McKean & Susanna Unknown: PA
Isaac Morris and Belinda Little: TN, KY
Warren Parker & Sallie Garrett: KY
Caleb Pusey & Prudence Carter: PA
William Pusey & Elizabeth Bowater: PA
John Stokes & Margaret Young: KY
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John, Paige, Thomas and Kati Morris with Ed Terry
Summer, 2019: Thomas, John, Paige, and Kati Morris w/James Edward (Ed) Terry (1944-2019)

     What's New?

  • July, 2024: The family of Benjamin and Catherine Myre (Coon)/Sarah Belle (Boyd) Morris who have descendants who migrated with Morris cousins to westernmost Kentucky, Missouri, and Arkansas
  • June, 2024: Filled out the Herndons (Benjamin Franklin and Clementine (Morris) Herndon). A couple of Herndon loose ends:
    1. Who are the parents of Benjamin Franklin Herndon, born 1822 in Virginia? Edmond G. and Jane R. Hopkins Herndon, early settlers of Christian County from Virginia?
    2. And, who are the parents of Martha W. Herndon, born about 1804-1808 in Virginia who married John Coon (3 or 4 children married children of Isaac and Belinda Morris). Anyone have any data on these Herndons?
  • May, 2024: Morris research - I'm looking for feedback from my Morris cousins on two current puzzles:
    1. Is the Allie A. Morris who, in 1892, married William R. Pekinpaugh in Christian County, KY, also the Allie A. Morris who appears in the 1870 and 1880 censuses as daughter of Thomas J. and Emily (Coon) Morris? In 1900 census Mrs. Pekinpaugh lists father born in Kentucky and a brother, Albert Morris, is listed as 'brother' born July, 1886 in Christian County and both parents born in Kentucky (Thomas was born in Tennessee and presumed mother, Nancy Collings, was born in Indiana...)? It's
    2. DNA shows us (descendants of Isaac and Belinda (Little) Morris as distant cousins to the descendants of William 'Buck' Morris (1750-1844) as near as I can tell solely because some have confabulated our Isaac (b. about 1797) with Buck's son Isaac (b. 1793; d. 1859 in NC). The last data I have on our Isaac is the 5/10/1855 birth in Christian Co., KY of daughter Myra but cousin Todd Dorsett inherited a family story that Isaac and Belinda with family owned a farm in southeastern Christian county during the Civil War... Are we linked to William C. 'Buck' Morris? My research suggests there are two distinct Isaac Morrises, born five years apart in North Carolina but Buck's son Isaac stayed in North Carolina and raised a family. 'Our' Isaac Morris went to North-Central Tennessee, married and then southern Kentucky to raise a different family. The 1850 census shows both Isaac Morris families several hundred miles apart. Other than the same given name, what facts connect our Isaac to Buck Morris?
  • April, 2024: Expanded the descendants of George Whitelock and Sarah Sheward Thank you George Hochmuth!
  • March, 2024: Clarified the status of Great-Uncle Maxwell Earl Newman and Margaret E. Simms and discovered he was her second husband
  • March, 2024: Updated extended the Kagel/Kagle line of Eliz Pusey and John Christian Kagle
  • January, 2024: Updated ancestors of Barbara Ann (Newman) Terry
  • July, 2023: Updated descendants of Joel and Nina (Hershberg) Cowgill - thanks, John Wolfgang!
  • March, 2021: Outline of Reuben Ross Morris and Mary Ann Broadbent
  • March, 2021: Outline of Zach Taylor (aka Gus D.) Morris and Ruth Elizabeth Broadbent
  • March, 2021: Outline of Frelinghuysen Morris and Martha Ann Janes
  • March, 2021: Outline of William M. Morris and wives Sarah C. Coon, Sarah Jane Janes, and Mary Frances Gordon
  • March, 2021: Outline of Jeremiah C. Morris and Sarah Hardin
  • February, 2021: Outline of Lucy Ann Morris and William M. Coon
  • February, 2021: Outline of Thomas Morris and wives Emily J. Coon and Nancy Collings
  • February, 2021: Outline of Benjamin Morris and Catherine Myre Coon
  • February, 2021: Outline of Clementine Morris and Benjamin Franklin Herndon
  • February, 2021: First step of a long overdue outline of the descendants of Isaac Morris and Belinda/Malinda/Melinda Little. Next will be individual pages for each of their 13(!) children
  • January, 2021: After 15+ years, I've sorted out the several Joseph Pennocks who all m. a Mary Pusey! Will and Quaker records revealed another Mary Pusey, heretofore unknown to me, daughter of Enoch and Rachel (Passmore) Pusey. She married a first cousin, Joseph Pennock.
  • January, 2021: Removed the Mary P. Ingram descendants from the Pusey tree
  • January, 2021: Corrected John S. Chambers - he is John G. Chambers, son of David and Hannah (Dickinson) Chambers.
  • December, 2020: Clementine Morris - the long-lost (to me), eldest daughter of Isaac and Belinda Morris; census, marriage, and findagrave records culminating in grandson showing up in his great-uncle's household in the 1900 census and described as nephew! More information about Clementine's brother Frelinghuysen Hiram Morris too.

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