Ancestors of Barbara Ann Newman

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The following represents an outline of Pusey information. Family members interested a more complete report should let me know.
The information is free but commercial use of this data is prohibited -- John McDowell Morris

Edward Carl Newman (1911 - 1966) Son of Maxwell Carl Newman and Mollie Louise Calvert; m. Gertrude Anna Ackerman b. in Baltimore, MD
Gertrude Anna Ackerman (1916 - 2002) Daughter of John August Ackerman and Matilda Cecilia Kress b. in Baltimore, MD
Maxwell Carl Newman (1885 - 1961) Son of Henry Honus Neumann, Sr. and Caroline B. Hanson; m. Mollie Louise Calvert b. in Wilmington, DE;
Mollie Louise Calvert (1891 - 1966) Daughter of Charles E. Calvert and Mollie W. Fraetas b. in Portsmouth, VA
John August Ackerman (1880 - 1959) Son of Johann Heinrich Ackerman and Margaret Louise Unknown; m. Matilda Cecilia Kriss b. in Baltimore, MD
Matilda Cecilia Kriss (1886 - 1966) Daughter of Henry Kriss and Barbara Schriefer b. in Baltimore, MD;
Henry Honus Neumann, Sr. (1849 - 1927) Son of Heinrich Neumann; m. Caroline B. Hanson b. in Germany; lived in Delaware and Virginia
Caroline B. Hanson (1852 - 1942) Last name might be Hentzen or Heinz b. in Germany; lived in Delaware, Baltimore, and Virginia
Charles Edward Calvert (1847 - after 1920) Son of Charles Calvert and Anna Unknown; m. Mollie W. Fraetas b. in Portsmouth, VA
Mollie Westbrook Fraetas (1857 - 1900) Daughter of Canizio Fraetas and Lucy A. Judkins b. in Murfreesboro, NC; lived in Virginia
Johann Heinrich Ackerman (about 1840 - 1891) Parents Unknown; m. Margaret Louise Unknown b. in Prussia; lived in Baltimore
Margaret Louise (possibly Koch) (1845 - 1925)   b. in Bavaria; lived in Baltimore
Henry Kriss (1862 - 1946) Son of Charles/Karel Kriss/Kriz and Catherine/Katerina Sedlak; m. Barbara Schriefer b. in Sedilcany, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary
Barbara Schriefer (1862 - 1934) Daughter of John Schriefer and Anna Margaretta Schafer b. in Baltimore, MD; d. in Illinois
Heinrich Neumann (? - ?) Parents and Spouse Unknown b. in Germany
Charles Calvert (abt 1824 - 1883) Son of Charles and Grace Fengar Calvert; m. Anna Turlington born in Connecticut; lived and died in Virginia
Anna Turlington (abt 1827 - 1883) Daughter of William and Alive Turlington; m. Charles Calvert born and died in Virginia
Canizio Fraetas (1833 - 1879) Son of John Fraetas; m. Lucy A. Judkins b. in VA; d. in New York City
Lucy A. Judkins (bef 1840 - 1864) Daughter of Frederick Judkins and Rebecca Flowers b. in Va; d. in NY
Charles/Karel Kriss/Kriz (1837 - 1891) Son of Unknown Kriz; m. Katerina Sedlak b. in Bohemia (then Austria-Hungary)
Catherine/Katerina Sedlak (1838 - 1921) Daughter of Unknown Sedlak b. in Bohemia (then Austria-Hungary)
John Schriefer (1832 - 1888) Parents Unknown; m. Margaret b. in Bavaria
Anna Margaretta Schafer (about 1837 - after 1880) Parents Unknown b. in Bavaria
Great-Great-Great Grandparents
Charles Calvert (1795 - 1880) Parents possibly John and Ann (Allsop) Calvert; m. Grace Fengar born in Hull, Yorkshire, England and died in Washington, DC
Grace Fengar (1795 - 1880) Parents possibbly William and Abigail (Miner) Fengar; m. Charles Calvert born in DC or CT; probably d. in DC
William Turlington (abt 1805 - after 1860) Parents possibly Arthur and Margaret Turlington; m. Alice Unknown born and died in Virginia
Alice Unknown (Unknown - before 1840) Parents Unknown; m. Wiliam Turlington born and died in Virginia
John Lovea Fraetas (1798 - 1834) Parents Unknown; m. Elizabeth Miller born in Lisboa, Portugal; died in Virginia
Elizabeth Miller (before 1810 - after 1832) Parents Unknown; m. John Lovea Fraetas born and died in Virginia
Frederick Jones Judkins (1785 - 1850) Parents possibly Charles and Martha (Westbrooke) Judkins; m. Rebecca Flowers lived in Virginia
Rebecca Flowers (1792 - 1877) Parents possibly Absalom and Elizabeth (Johnson) Flowers; m. Frederick Jones Judkins lived in Virginia

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