Known Descendents of Margaret McDowell and Joseph Beale
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Surnames (on this page) include: McDowell, Beale, Adams, Avery, Black, Blow, Bradley, Caperoone, Case, Clay, Coghill, Conrad, Copeland, Corse, Crane, Daughtrey, Delise, Denion, Dexter, Dickinson, Diller, Dougal, Dunning, Duross, Ely, Engle, Evans, Fairlamb, Fales, Fisher, Flash, Foote, Fowler, Gardner, Garrett, Gehring, Gillespie, Gordon, Graham, Griest, Haden, Hanken, Hatfield, Hebard, Hilles, Hillman, Hitchens, Hoff, Horner, Hurd, Hyde, James, Jenkins, Kates, Kerns, Klaus, Ladd, Laird, Law, Ligon, Lomasney, Lucero, Lurman, MacBeth, Mackey, Martin, Matacia, McElhaney, McGlaughlin, McGregor, Meier, Mendenhall, Mills, Mish, Miskimins, Mitchell, Moore, Neidlinger, Nethery, Page, Pankey, Parrish, Patterson, Paxton, Peachey, Perry, Pick, Premice, Schwerer, Scott, Shaw, Shofstal, Spicer, Summers, Trembley, Van Buskirk, Waddingham, Wallace, Weller, White, Wilson, Wood, Woods, Worrell, Wright, Yarnall, and Zuber.

Margaret McDowell was the youngest of eight children born to Capt. James McDowell and Elizabeth Loughead. She was born May 16, 1782 in Chester County, probably in what is now Lincoln Station, Upper Oxford township (the house built by James McDowell on land probably inherited by his wife from her father, Robert Loughead). Margaret grew up in Chester county, moving about a mile in the 1790's to the manor house built by Job Ruston and purchased by her father. On October 25, 1810, probably at the New London Presbyterian Church, she married Joseph Beale, the son of Tamar Burgoyne/Burgoin and John Beale (possibly a private in Captain James McDowell's 4th batallion of Chester County militia which joined Washington's army in August, 1776 and remained intact from the battle of Long Island until after the battles of Trenton and Princeton in January, 1777). The story goes that John was serving with General Lafayette's forces near the head of Elk Valley in Cecil County, Maryland when he was killed on January 25, 1777 but this is doubtful since Lafayette did not arrive in America until June, 1777 and was not commissioned in the American army until July 31 of that year.
Joseph Beale was born June 25, 1774 in Juniata County, Pennsylvania. Following his father's death, Joseph was reared near Downingtown, Chester County, by his grandfather, William Beale. Upon reaching maturity, Joseph apprenticed in the furniture manufacturing business in Philadelphia and eventually opened his own firm, Beale & Jemison, in that same city. After his marriage to Margaret, they kept house in Philadelphia where Margaret died on November 12, 1834. Joseph moved back to Downingtown where he died December 18, 1841.
Joseph and Margaret had seven children and their descendants have been very prolific; the Beales are by far the largest family group descended from James McDowell and Elizabeth Loughead.
The children of Joseph and Margaret (McDowell) Beale:
  1. James McDowell Beale was born in 1811 probably in Philadelphia. He most likely moved to Chester county with his father in the 1830's where he married Elizabeth Miller Fairlamb in 1838. They lived in Coatesville, had seven children and many descendants.
  2. John Bourgoin Beale was born in 1812 probably in Philadelphia and died in 1836, unmarried. His middle name is sometimes found as Bourgoyne and other variations but it was his paternal grandmother's maiden name.
  3. Joseph Beale was born in 1814 probably in Philadelphia and died there in 1890. He was a doctor and a naval officer, serving for about forty years and retired after serving as the U.S. Navy's eighth Surgeon General (1873-1877). Joseph married twice, to Susan Parrish and Atala (Ata) Blow. He had one child from his first marriage and six from his second. They have many descendants.
  4. Harriet M. Beale was born in 1816 probably in Philadelphia and died in 1898 in New Haven, Connecticut. She married in 1839 to Dr. William Mills of Yazoo City, Mississippi. He was the widower of Harriet's cousin, Isabella Campbell, also a descendant of James McDowell and Elizabeth Loughead. Harriet and William had five children before his death in 1853. In 1855, Harriet married attorney William Henry Law and they had one child together. They removed to Connecticut and New York City before the Civil War. They have many descendants.
  5. Horace Binny Beale was born in 1819 probably in Philadelphia and died in 1825.
  6. Elizabeth Jane Beale was born in 1821 probably in Philadelphia and was mentioned as a 'namesake' in her grandmother (Elizabeth Loughead McDowell)'s will of 1825. After her mother's death in 1841, Elizabeth lived with her older sister Harriet and her husband in Mississippi. In 1847, at the Mills home in Yazoo City, Elizabeth married Haliburton Fales of New York City. They lived in New York City where their two children were born and where Elizabeth died in 1900, the last surviving grandchild of Captain James McDowell and Elizabeth Loughead. They have many descendants.
  7. Horace Alexander Beale was born in Philadelphia in 1827 and probably named for his older brother who had died in 1825 at the aged six years. Horace was an iron and steel manufacturer in Chester county, commander of an independent infantry company in 1862 and 1863, and local Republican politico. Horace married Caroline Dougal in 1855 with whom he had no issue. A second marriage to Ellen Mary Mendenhall in 1869 resulted in one child. Horace died in 1897 and his line has no living descendants.

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