Stray Puseys

Pusey families that can't or haven't fit into the Chester Countians


Note: Arriving in America almost a century and a half after William and Caleb, these Puseys are, at best, distant relations to the Quaker Puseys.


Check out the DelMarVa Pusey outline below.

ILLINOIS PUSEYS: Champaign County

Stephen Pusey first appears in the Madison County, Ohio census in 1820. He reappears there in 1830. According to two Illinois histories, Stephen moved there in 1839 and entered lands in Condit township in 1841/42 (along with William R. Pusey)
There was a DelMarva Stephen Pusey b. 1770 and Chester County Stephen Puseys b. 1801 and 1802 but neither is a match)


ILLINOIS PUSEYS: Vermillion County

It appears that two siblings and a half-brother (Phillip) arrived in Vermillion County, Illinois in the mid/late 1840's from England

INDIANA PUSEYS: Dearborn County

Note: The parents of Andrew J. Pusey and Adaline Pusey were both born in Maryland. They could be part of this Pusey family but the fact that Adaline married a boy from Somerset County, Maryland leads me to suspect they are DelMarVa Puseys listed separately.

INDIANA PUSEYS: Johnson County

Note: Following Francis' death the family appears to have moved to Los Angeles Co., CA

IOWA PUSEYS: Page County

The widowed Francena appears with her two sons in the 1870 census

KENTUCKY PUSEYS: Harrison and Pendleton Counties

James and Rebecca m. 1821 in Harrison County, Kentucky but there is no other trace of them.
It is only conjecture that they are the parents of Elizabeth and William
Data on James and Rebecca is extrapolated from date of marriage and later census records of William


(also New Castle County, Delaware)
Henry is a difficult one to pin down - possibly he is related to the Israel Pewsey family below
Census, marriage, and death records are contradictory - he was born various in Oxford, Chester Co., PA, New York, or Massachusetts.
His parents were either born PA/PA, England/England, or New York/France.
His middle name is uncertain but if it was Elwood then he may have been the 13 year old Elwood Pusey,
b. in PA listed in the Lydia Boozer household in the 1850 census for Penn Twp., Chester Co.
If his middle name was Ellis then he might have been the Ellis L. Pusey, aged 12 in the 1850 census,
son of Joshua M. and Mary Ann (Montgomery) Pusey.

MARYLAND PUSEYS: Worcester and Somerset Counties (aka DelMarVa Puseys)

The family I affectionately call the DelMarVa (Delaware-Maryland-Virginia Eastern Shore) Puseys has American roots deeper than the Chester County Puseys. Family lore suggests that the first Pusey emigrant lived in the Tidewater area of Virginia (the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay) when the Carroll family of Maryland became concerned about encroachments on the Maryland eastern shore portion of their Maryland colony. These lightly populated lands were apparently becoming occupied by squatters who paid Virginia taxes or no taxes. The Carroll governor in the late 17th century declared he would give free land to settlers who promised to be faithful Marylanders and pay Maryland taxes (my paraphrasing here...) At least one Pusey family was among those who answered the call and their descendants have been many.

This family has a very high number of surname spelling variations, such as Pewsy, Pewsey, Puzy, Puzzy, etc. which causes me to wonder if their English origins might be the town of Pewsey. By the mid-19th century, this family had standardized the surname to 'Pusey' and migrations up to New Castle County, Delaware and the Philadelphia area lay seeds for future confusion as the local Quaker descendants presumed that any Pusey 'had to be' a Quaker Pusey descendant. After a couple of generations the belief that the two families were descended from the same set of emigrants became widespread and was still prevalent in 2001 when I met a large and wonderful group of DelMarVa Puseys at their annual reunion in Snow Hill, Maryland.

MARYLAND PUSEYS: Washington County

See Illinois, Fulton County above


(see also Connecticut Puseys and Maine Puseys)
John Pusey below is most likely related to the Connecticut Puseys, a descendant of James and Margaret Pusey
I base this on his profession of Paper Maker and his presence in 1906 in Erie, Pa. along with descendants of James and Margaret.

MICHIGAN PUSEYS: Bay County and Wayne County

(also San Bernardino Co., CA and Wayne Co., IN)



(See Champaign County, Illinois above)

NEW YORK PUSEYS: Dutchess County


(moved to Florida and Connecticut)

NEW YORK PUSEYS: Orleans County

The Puzey/Pusey family appears in Orleans County, New York in 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880 and 1900 censuses


John's parents were born in Pennsylvania and Ohio which presents many possibilities.
The 1880 census lists him alone in St. Louis; the 1870 census might place him with his parents...
It is also possible he is the Joseph P. Pusey among the Butler Co., Ohio Puseys...

OHIO PUSEYS: Butler County

The 1880 census says that both Rufus and his parents were born in Delaware which would almost certainly make him a DelMarVa Pusey (est 90% - JMM)

OHIO PUSEYS: Lawrence County

(probably connected with the Cabell County, West Virginia Puseys below)
Note: The first couple of generations are fairly speculative. The second generation 'could' all be children of William Pusey and he might not be a brother of Joshua at all. m. (2) Susan Unknown: b. about 1800 in Kentucky; d. after 1860
  • William Pusey: b. 1781-1790; d. after 1830
    m. Unknown Wife: b. before 1800; d. after 1830

    NEW JERSEY PUSEYS: Hunterdon County

    (see Connecticut above)

    MICHIGAN PUSEYS: Monroe County

    (see Connecticut above)


    Note: The following is not a firm Israel Pusey family tree but just a speculative work-in-progress.


    PENNSYLVANIA PUSEYS: Delaware County

    Lea/Lee could be one of the 'Unknown' sons of Israel Pusey above.

    PENNSYLVANIA PUSEYS: Lancaster County

    PENNSYLVANIA PUSEYS: Montgomery County


    Charles is in Danville during the 1880 and 1900 censuses; in the latter May Sidler is listed as a niece; her marriage application in 1915 lists her as May Sidler Pusey.

    The 1880 census says Charles' parents were born in France and Pennsylvania but 1900 states PA/PA. And May went down to West Chester to get married which is a curious move for two young people living in Montour County.

    PENNSYLVANIA PUSEYS: Philadelphia County

    Alice H. Pusey was born about 1815-1816 possibly in Philadelphia.
    She married in the mid 1830's to Rev. David B. Brown and they lived out their lives in Coudersport, McKean Co., PA.
    She 'could' be one of the two daughters listed to a William Pusey in the 1820 Philadelphia census. 'If' that is so, and,
    'if' that William was the son of William and Mary (Jones) Pusey then Alice and her descendants are part of the Chester County
    Pusey family. However, the 1880 census notes that Alice' parents were both born in England. Alice's line looks something like this:

  • Caleb H. Pusey - At one time I mistook him for Caleb J. Pusey, son of Charles and Ann (Stidham) Pusey but I've determined those were two distinct Caleb Puseys. Both of his parents were born in Pennsylvania and coupled with his given name strongly suggest that he is a Chester County Pusey. My best guess is that he is a son or grandson of Thomas and Ann (Cloud) Pusey but he could also be part of the Israel Pewsey family or part of the earliest wave of DelMarva arrivals in Philadelphia.


    See Champaign County, Illinois above

    VIRGINIA PUSEYS: Mecklenburg County

    Peter and family appear in the 1870 census but neither before nor after.
    There were earlier 19th century Peter Puseys among the DelMarVa Puseys in Maryland but
    I have not found the connection, if there is one...


    See the Lawrence County, Ohio Pusey family above - were the Turleys connected to the Lawrence County Puseys?
    Also note the Pittsylvania County, Virginia connection to the Robert Pusey/Magdalena Van Meter family...

    VIRGINIA PUSEYS: Stafford, Roanoke, Dinwiddie, Norfolk and Loudoun Counties

    To do: Horace and Annie Pusey and merge with Alexander above, and,
    Jonathan and Julia Pusey, both families from Penna